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Are antibacterial products good for you? - Rushmere Skincare

Are antibacterial products good for you?

For many years we were led to believe that soap was unhygienic and clever marketing made us believe that body washes were so much better for us.
The majority of people made the switch to shower gels and body washes. And we used them happily for years.

But then a new range of hand and body washes appeared, the ‘anti bacterial range’.

We were told that these would kill 99.9% of bacteria on our skin. This market exploded.

But what we weren’t told is that soaps labelled as ‘anti bacterial’ contain chemicals such as triclosan or triclocarban. But who cares? It makes our skin lovely and sterile, isn’t that what is important?

Well yes, it actually does matter.

Numerous studies have shown that triclosan alters hormonal levels, especially testosterone.

It has been linked to cancer because when it degrades, it turns into dioxin, a known carcinogen

Exposure to triclosan has been associated with the development of allergies
It is an environmental hazard - the chemical’s dioxins leak into the water supply exposing us to even more danger.

And despite all of that, triclosan is a very poor antimicrobial agent that kills only the weakest of bacteria, so why take the risk?

Handmade soap is a natural product.

Seriously, it is so much better for use on your skin. The oils and butters will moisturise your skin and the natural glycerine will help draw and retain additional moisture, leaving your skin feeling soft and hydrated.

And numerous studies have proved that bacteria are unable to live on soap. So win win in my book!

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