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How long can I keep an unopened bar?
Soap has been known to last for decades.  However, to make sure that your bars remain their beautifully fragrance, I recommend that you use your soap within 6-12 months after purchasing it. It is unlikely to 'go off' but you will find that the scents will start to lessen at around 6 months.


How long will a bar last when using it?

That is one of those difficult questions to answer accurately as it depends on whether you use it in the shower or just for washing hands, and on how many people use the bar. 

On average, if you use it just for washing hands, it will easily last 1-2 months.  If you use it in the shower or bath then for one person, around 3-4 weeks

How can I make my soap last longer?
Use a wash cloth/sponge and rub your soap onto that rather than using it directly on your skin.
We recommend that you store your opened bar of soap on a wooden soap dish which has holes or ventilation in the base. This is to encourage air flow and to enable water to drain away from the soap.
Leaving your soap standing in water will make it soften, which means you will use it up faster.
Don't use a plastic box or clingfilm as that will make your soap deteriorate.

I have sensitive skin, which soap do you recommend?
My soaps are made out of natural ingredients and are very gentle.  Most people can use them without any problems.

However, some people have extremely sensitive skin and find that they can't tolerate any colours, essential oils or fragrances.

If that is you, I recommend using my pure & sensitive bar which contains nothing but saponified oils, no colours, no essential oils, no fragrances. Just beautiful, rich luxurious lather.

However, as with all skin care products, if you have any concerns then we recommend that you test our soap on a small area of your skin before using it on your whole body.